Get active challenge

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Build the tallest tower

You can use blocks, cups, tins or duplo to try and build the tallest tower. Can you beat your own record?

Make and float a boat

Use a margarine tub, sponges or paper to make your boat, add a lolly stick and paper sail and set sail on an adventure. 

Build a den

Gather old sheets sling it over a table, some boxes or your bed and make a den. 

Play music and dance

Put on your favourite music and dance together. Dance like no one is watching, unless you want them to and  then record your best moves.

Pretend to be
an animal

Can you stomp like an elephant, roar like a lion, jump like a kangaroo?

Ask your grown up to guess what animal you are. 

Play the floor is lava

Play the floor is lava - put cushions or pieces of paper on the floor and move around the room avoiding touching the floor.  

Play with water

Either in the bath or washing up bowl, add some cups, spoons and a jug to tip, pour and measure or see which toys float and which sink. 

Make an obstacle course

With things you find round the house like old boxes and cushions to make an obstacle course. Can you go over, under and through?

Make and blow some bubbles.

Make bubble mixture by slowly mixing 50ml of washing up liquid to 300ml of water.  Use bent paper clips or straws to make wands.